Your solar power system consists of two main parts. Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic (PV) panels, are attached to your roof and collect the sun’s energy. An inverter converts this solar energy into the electricity you use every day at home or work.
The inverter is positioned at the side of your house or business, or in your garage.

SolarGrid sources PV panels and inverters only from reputable manufacturers around the world. Many of our most popular ultra-premium products are designed and manufactured in Germany, using advanced German design and technology. We have products to suit homes and businesses of all sizes and needs.

Our research program ensures that the quality and performance of all our products meet our own strict benchmarks as well as those of Australia’s Clean Energy Council (CEC). All our products exceed Australian standards.

SolarGrid’s products and services are backed by a five to 20 year manufacturer’s product warranty and a 25 year straight line power output performance warranty on our solar panels.

Solar Panels

At SolarGrid we offer a wide range of Solar Panels starting from our Economy Range right through to our Ultra Premium Range. These panels are sourced from Germany, Korea and China, all with very high performance ratings. The panels that are installed on your home will be chosen to compliment your inverter, giving you an ideal system for your personal power requirements. All of our panels have a 25 year straight line performance warranty, and either a 5 or 10 year structural warranty, depending on the brand.


The inverter is an important and integral part of your Solar System and must perform to produce the optimum power for your home. SolarGrid inverters are all premium inverters are chosen for their strong performances and low failure rates and are manufactured in Germany, Malaysia and China.